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Arriving in the UK?

  • Passenger Locator number issued instantly for your Passenger Locator Form (PLF).
  • In-person testing available at Testing Centres nationwide. 
  • If not vaccinated, you can leave quarantine to travel to a testing centre.
  • Tests available for fully-vaccinated and non-fully-vaccinated travellers.

Departing the UK?

  • Global Fit to Fly certificates issued.
  • Fit to Fly accepted by all airlines.
  • PCR results in as little as 4 hours.
  • Test at your convenience, 7 days a week.

Pre-return to the UK?

  • Free delivery on all orders.
  • Take with you on your travels.
  • Easy online process to upload your result.
  • Results verified in just one hour.

NOT travelling?

  • Test for peace of mind.
  • Suitable for attending an event.
  • Gold-standard RT-PCR technology.
  • In-person testing available at Testing Centres nationwide.
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We offer Covid-19 tests suitable for travel, both for Departures from the UK and Arrivals as well.

We will supply a "Fit to Fly" certificate for a negative result if you choose a test called "Fit to Fly". This is the certificate you need to check in for your travel, whether you are flying or travelling by ship, boat, train or car to destinations outside of the UK.

An RT-PCR test is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing. It offers the most accurate results as it can detect even the smallest amount of virus. A negative RT-PCR test result provides the most reliable indication you can safely continue to work and travel.


Departures Tests
We offer RT-PCR, LAMP and Antigen Lateral Flow tests with Fit to Fly certificates suitable for travel out of the UK. Booking is essential for all tests.

RT-PCR is the most accurate test, but takes the longest time of all due to the time it takes to process in the laboratory. We do offer a Same Day PCR Fit to Fly and 4-hour RT-PCR Fit to Fly at selected locations if you need an RT-PCR urgently.

Antigen Lateral Flow
Antigen Lateral Flow tests are the fastest to get a result but are less accurate than RT-PCRs.

LAMP tests are somewhere in between in terms of timing, but they are only accepted in limited areas, so it is very important that you check if it is the test you need.

We do not currently offer Antibody Tests. (Don't confuse these with Antigen Lateral Flow which are different.)


Arrivals Tests
We offer a range of tests suitable for your journey to the UK. Our Arrivals Tests are suitable for international arrivals needing to be tested on Day 2 and Day 8 as part of the UK Government regulations for people arriving in the UK. ExpressTest are approved by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to provide these tests.

Pre-return to UK Test (before travelling to the UK)
Before you travel to the UK, you can get a Pre-Departure Test called a Pre-return to UK Test. We can send this to you before you leave home to take with you on your journey. You will be uploading your results to an app, and we will produce a Fit to Fly Certificate for a negative result.

Arrivals Testing (once arrived in the UK)
We offer arrivals tests for Day 2, Day 8 and also the Day 5 Test to Release (from self-isolation). These can be taken at a Testing Centre or are bookable as Home Tests in some locations.

When the Government guidelines allow, we have a Day 2 Lateral Flow test available for fully vaccinated arrivals to be taken at our Testing Centres or as a Home Test kit (if you prefer to do your test yourself at home).

Whichever Arrivals test you choose, it is advisable to plan in advance of your travel dates because you need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form with your test details before travelling to the UK.

Test Packages
Multiple Arrivals tests can be packaged up together as a bundle (eg Day 2 & Day 8), but they need to be booked separately from Departures tests.

Note: not all products are available at every site due to different laboratory processes.

RT-PCR Tests
Please note that we aim to deliver your PCR test results by 10pm the day AFTER your test. (Home tests are different, see below).

Same Day RT-PCR Tests
We aim to deliver your PCR test results by midnight on the day of your test. 

4 Hour RT-PCR Tests
4 Hour PCR test results will be delivered within 4 hours of your sample being taken. (Available at selected locations by appointment: please make a booking.)

LAMP Tests
LAMP test results will be delivered 2 hours after testing. But please check that LAMP is accepted by your destination country.

Antigen Lateral Flow Tests - on site
We aim to deliver your Lateral Flow results in 40mins from your sample being taken, but please allow sufficient time especially if the test is required to check-in for your flight.

Home Tests
Home test results will be delivered 24 hours after the sample arrives at our laboratory. If you choose a Home Test, please ensure that self-swabbing is acceptable for your requirements.

Pre-return to the UK Antigen tests, Day 2 Arrivals Antigen Lateral Flow tests and Antigen Lateral Flow Fit to Fly tests
Test results are delivered in 2 hours providing that all the information is uploaded correctly and in a readable format.

You must bring your booking email containing the QR code with you when you come for your test, to gain access to the testing centre.

Please also bring your valid Passport, National ID or Home Office Travel Document for all tests associated with travel (Departures and Arrivals) in and out of the UK.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Any staff members claiming staff discounts must also bring their appropriate employee ID.

The Fit to Fly certificate provides evidence that you have undertaken COVID-19 testing prior to your journey by plane, ship, car, or train. To get this certificate, you must bring your Passport, National ID or Home Office Travel Document to your appointment. If your result is negative for Covid-19 we will email your Fit to Fly certificate with your test result to the email address you have provided us with (or if you have an account, this will be available in your account). Please ensure that your email address is spelled correctly when you register with us.

You must check with your travel provider that they will accept this documentation, before booking a test. Entry requirements for all countries during the COVID-19 pandemic are different and changing constantly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary and correct documentation for your journey before you travel.
ExpressTest do not accept any liability should your travel provider or destination country not accept this document.

For the latest UK Government foreign travel advice please visit their Foreign Travel Advice page.

For the latest UK Government requirements for entering the UK please visit their Entering the UK page.

Can I get an example of the Fit to Fly certificate in advance?
Unfortunately we are not able to share this. However, it will contain the following type of information: personal details, time/date of swabbing/lab testing plus the result.

Do your Fit to Fly certificates have a locator QR code?
Our Fit to Fly certificates for; 4-hr PCR tests (except Birmingham and Gatwick); Same Day PCR Tests; Lamp Tests; and Remote Antigen Lateral Flow Tests; come with a locating QR code. Transport staff can scan the code to see the Fit to Fly certificate.

Other departures tests and all arrivals tests do not contain a QR code. Many countries / travel destinations do not require one but if you have checked the specific requirements for your journey and it is required please contact our customer services team by completing this form.

Please book the correct test then complete this form on the 'Contact Us' page and one of Customer Service team will confirm the cancellation of your original test.

We aim to deliver your standard RT-PCR test results by 10pm the day AFTER your test. If it is not yet 10pm UK time then please wait until this time has elapsed before contacting us.

Same Day RT-PCR Fit to Fly test results will arrive by midnight the same day. Please wait until after midnight before conacting us.

4 Hour RT-PCR Test results take 4 hours from the time of the test until the results are ready. Please wait until the relevant hours have passed before contacting us. 

LAMP Test results take 2 hours from the time of the test until the results are ready. Please wait until 2 hours have passed before contacting us.

On site Antigen Lateral Flow results take 40 minutes. Please wait until this time has passed before contacting us.

Home Test results are delivered 24 hours after the sample reaches the laboratory. You will know when the sample reaches the laboratory because we will send you an email to confirm this. Please wait until this time has elapsed before contacting us.

Pre-return to the UK Lateral Flow results are delivered within 1 hour providing that all the information is uploaded correctly and in a readable format. Please wait until this time has elapsed before contacting us.

If it is already after this time, then please tell us by filling out this form. Our Customer Response Team work 24/7 and will prioritise your case if the deadline has already passed.