All About ExpressTest Departures Pricing

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All About ExpressTest Departures Pricing

In order to get the best prices for your departures test, we advise you to book your appointment as early as possible. The best prices are gained by booking 4 days or more before the date you want your test - that’s why we recommend booking as early as you can.

In the table below, you will see the prices available if you book:

  • Early Bird Price - 4 or more days in advance;
  • Standard Price - between 1 and 3 days in advance, and
  • On The Day Price - test day.

e.g. If you book and pay for your test on the day you take your test, this is known as an “on the day” price and is the most expensive solution for you. If you count back from the day you want your test by 4 or more days, and book earlier than this, you will secure the best price available.

Refunds and Cancellations

Our guidelines for amending and refunding bookings are in our FAQs as well as our Terms and Conditions. To amend dates and times, you can login to your account and do this. If you would like to cancel this test we will refund by voucher, and then you use the voucher to book a new test. If you need to do this because of government guidelines changing, or because your airline cancels your flight, then the price paid at the original time of booking is ‘pegged’ and no further cost is incurred – there is no penalty. Please visit our contact us page if you are within 4 days of your test when this happens. However, if you cancel to change from one test type to another at a late stage for any other reason, we cannot guarantee you would be able to access the Earlybird pricing.