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Administering an Antigen Lateral Flow Test to generate a Fit to Fly certificate

For more information on using Antigen Lateral Flow devices, refer to the instructions supplied. 

To create a Fit to Fly certificate, the app needs to capture a photograph of the Antigen Lateral Flow Test once a result has been generated. If the result is negative, a Fit to Fly certificate will be emailed to you and will be available to download in the app.

Before taking the test, follow these steps:

  • Open the ExpressTest app on your smartphone
  • Tap ‘Take a swab test’
  • If you have multiple profiles on your account, tap the profile of the person who will be tested [See ‘Managing Profiles’]

You will need to watch the mandatory training and complete the assessment in order to capture an Antigen Lateral Flow Test result. See section ‘Completing the Antigen Lateral Flow Test training’ for more information if you have not already completed this.

You Details

Complete the details of your impending flight and click ‘Submit’. You should not administer the Antigen Lateral Flow Test more than 48 hours before your departure time in case of flight delays and cancellations.

Click on the details for each of the 4 boxes and then press Next. We understand that often family groups will be on the same flight. After the App Owner (you) takes the first test, the other profiles can click the Same Details option to pre-fill the screen. You can un-tick the box to clear the fields.


To assist you, there are pop-ups. These are the pop-ups for UK Airport, Country, Date and Time.

At this point, you should follow the instructions in the test kit to self-administer the Antigen Lateral Flow Test. As per the instructions on the screen, add the buffer to the test and tap ‘Start 25 minute timer’. When the timer has completed, click ‘Next’.

Your QR Code

Before starting your test, the app will prompt you to enter the QR code on the cassette in your box. This is contained in a foil wrapper. Once scanned, it is validated to ensure you have not used the test before.


Once the test is administered, tap ‘Start 25-minute timer’ (or use your own timer if you prefer) and then tap ‘Next’ as soon as the timer has run out. The screen will prompt you to confirm you have finished swabbing and mixing and have added 4 drops to the cassette before starting the timer.

Camera Access

The first time, the app will request that your phone allows the ExpressTest App to access your smartphone’s camera so that it can take a photograph of your Antigen Lateral Flow Test result and your passport.

The steps to capture the image differ slightly depending on whether you are an iOS or Android user – please consult the relevant section depending on your phone. Without this permission being granted, you will not be able to take the Antigen Lateral Flow test and get a Fit to Fly certificate.