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Completing the Antigen Lateral Flow Test training

Completing the training will verify that you are able to self-administer the Antigen Lateral Flow Test and receive a valid test result using the app. After selecting ‘Take a swab test’, if you have not previously completed the training, you will be presented with the instructions for administering the test.

On the home screen you will see the 'Uncertified' beneath your date of birth if you have not previously completed the training. If you have successfully completed the training, you will see 'Certified Swabber'.


The Instructions

Read the instructions for use, which are available both on the app, and in a leaflet in you Antigen Lateral Flow test kit.

Then tap ‘Take the questionnaire’. You will be asked a series of multiple-choice questions – tap the circle associated to the answer you believe is correct, and ‘Submit’. You must get 4 questions right to demonstrate that you understand how to competently self-administer the Antigen Lateral Flow Test. 

The Questionnaire

At the end of the questionnaire, a screen will be displayed advising you whether or not you passed. If successful, tap ‘Continue’ to proceed with your first test. If unsuccessful, click ‘Continue’ to re-take the questionnaire.

Note: that you only need to complete the questionnaire successfully one time. Once you are a Certified Swabber you need not repeat this step. Ordering a test after you are Certified takes you directly to the test itself