ExpressTest and the Great North Run Partnership

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We will be partnering with the first major mass participation event after restrictions have been lifted

We have partnered with the Great North Run, representing our ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of the UK population. This partnership also expands our presence further across sport, having already partnered with the Scottish FA, the PGA European tour and Sail GP amongst others.

Taking place this Sunday 12 September, the Great North Run is the largest half marathon in the world, boasting nearly 60,000 participants each year.

The partnership has arisen out of the joint values of the two firms - of getting people back to doing the things they love. Running can significantly improve physical and mental health and by partnering with the Great North Run, we aim to champion and encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle.

We are class leading in providing testing for many industries such as sport, travel, finance, film & television. With our mobile testing services, leading events around the world have been able to continue safely. Through its direct-to-consumer arm, we operate at more than 30 screening facilities across the UK, with testing sites at major airports and city centers. Upon testing, swab results are guaranteed by 10pm the next day, thanks to our world-class equipment with Gold Standard accuracy and sensitivity.

Responding to the new partnership, Christian Corney, CEO of Cignpost Diagnostics, stated the increased importance of PCR testing for the reopening of events:

“Our sponsorship of the Great Run series strengthens our commitment to building a modern health and wellness brand, and we look forward to getting people back to doing the things they love – this is a common purpose that we share with the Great Run company.”

“We believe in harnessing the power of community and partnering with the largest mass participation programme in the UK is a strategic step for us. We have 80 colleagues from across the organisation taking part in the Great Run events and we will be present at all of the runs.”

Paul Foster, Chief Executive of the Great Run Company said: “We’re delighted to welcome ExpressTest by Cignpost to this year’s Great North Run.”

“Like us, they’re working hard to help the country get back on track and are doing everything they can to allow the UK public to once again enjoy events safely and confidently.”

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