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Iberia and ExpressTest

ExpressTest Welcomes Iberia Customers

ExpressTest are happy to partner with Iberia to offer its passengers special discounted rates for Covid-19 screening services across the UK.

We aim to deliver your results by 10pm the day AFTER your test, however, results could take up to 48 hours to receive. We urge all customers to ensure they leave enough time between their test booking and their flight to ensure they receive their results before their flight time.

ExpressTest offer accurate and affordable, gold standard PCR testing for only £99 per person, but we offer the following prices for Iberia passengers at these locations:

PCR Test with Fit to Fly Certificate: £59 at Heathrow Airport

PCR Test with Fit to Fly Certificate: £80 at Edinburgh Airport

PCR Test with Fit to Fly Certificate: £80 at Birmingham, Southampton, Reading, Leeds, Northampton and Burnley

PCR Test with Fit to Fly Certificate: £60 at Gatwick Airport

PCR Test for Test to Release in England: £99 at Gatwick Airport and £69 at Heathrow Airport


All passengers must show proof of their Iberia booking (e.g. itinerary or receipt) when checking in at our test centres in order to claim the passenger discount.

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Why Choose Us?

Our first concern is for our customer’s safety and welfare. This is why all our tests conform to the highest safety standards and use the latest gold Standard technology to provide you with accurate results and peace of mind.

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