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ExpressTest Launches at Gatwick Airport

ExpressTest Launches at Gatwick Airport

During 2020, hopping on a plane and travelling to far-flung destinations hasn’t been as easy as it once was. With many of us longing to have the luxury of flying once more, and others having to make essential air travel, COVID-19 screening continues to be of vital importance to the airline sector, which forms a key part of the UK’s infrastructure.

As preventing the spread of COVID-19 remains a priority, Cignpost Diagnostics is delivering ExpressTest screening for fast, accurate and lab-analysed pre-departure and post-arrival tests at Gatwick Airport, as the official screening partner.

The drive-through screening facility is available for those who require a valid, negative COVID-19 test certificate up to 96 hours before travel. If travellers receive a negative test result, they will be emailed their result along with a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate (passengers are advised to check that this is accepted with their travel provider prior to booking a test).

As well as giving people the confidence and peace of mind to travel, the new screening facility is also available for people within the local area should they wish to gain the reassurance that they are not carrying or spreading the virus, enabling them to visit friends and relatives when government guidelines allow.

The testing facility will be open from Friday 27th November for both passengers of the airport as well as members of the public. The site is located in Zone H of the Long Stay Car Park at the South Terminal.

Please note that if you are currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, you will need to follow government guidelines and use an NHS testing facility.

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Gatwick Airport COVID-19 Test Centre - ExpressTest

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