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Pre-booking is essential. Once you have made sure which test you need, you should book an appointment.

We offer departure tests including PCR Fit to Fly, LAMP and Antigen Lateral Flow Fit to Fly; plus arrivals tests for travellers arriving into England and Wales, including Day 2 & Day 8 International Arrivals tests and Test to Release.

We aim to deliver your PCR test results by 10pm the day after your test, however, results could take up to 48 hours to receive.

LAMP results are normally delivered within 2 hours.

Antigen Lateral Flow test results are normally delivered within 40 minutes.

How it works

All our tests have been listed by the UK Government and our PCR tests are analysed in established laboratories to deliver gold standard COVID-19 results.


Select the COVID-19 test most suited to your needs


Choose your test centre location and reserve your slot


Arrive and have a swab taken by our fully trained team


Receive your results by 10pm the next day*

*Results can take up to 48 hours to be returned to you in exceptional circumstances. Please note Home PCR Tests have different timelines

Departing the UK

Booking is essential for all Departures tests. To help you decide which test to book and for information on the test requirements for your chosen destination, visit Foreign Travel Advice.


Traffic Light Arrivals 

Passengers must follow the UK Government's "Traffic Light" system in which countries are divided into Red, Amber or Green lists. What you must do when you arrive in the UK from abroad depends on vaccination status, where you have been in the 10 days before you arrive and which category arrivals list those countries you visited fall into. This will dictate the required testing and quarantine procedure. 

The UK Government have advised the Traffic Light lists will be reviewed periodically, so it is your responsibility to ensure you book the correct arrivals testing. We will update our information following any government announcements as soon as we possibly can. Please make sure you follow the UK Government’s guidelines. If you’re travelling into another country in the UK i.e. Scotland, Northern Ireland please refer to the local government advice.

Arrivals from Amber listed countries follow different procedures, according to age, vaccination status and countries visited. The fully vaccinated arrivals procedure applies to those people who have been *fully vaccinated in the EU (EMA, SwissMedic), USA (FDA) or UK (NHS).


*Fully vaccinated means a full 14 days have passed since the final dose of COVID-19 vaccine was given.

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PCR Tests
Please note that we aim to deliver your PCR test results by 10pm the day AFTER your test. (Home tests are different).

3 Hour PCR Tests
The 3 Hour PCR test results will be delivered within 3 hours of your sample being taken. (Available at selected locations by appointment: please make a booking.)

LAMP Tests
LAMP test results will be delivered 2 hours after testing. But please check that LAMP is accepted by your destination country.

Antigen Lateral Flow Tests
We aim to deliver your Lateral Flow results in 40mins from your sample being taken, but please allow sufficient time especially if the test is required to check-in for your flight.

Home Tests
Home test results will be delivered 24 hours after the sample arrives at our laboratory.

Remote Lateral Flow
The Remote Lateral Flow test results are delivered in 1 hour providing that all the information is uploaded correctly and in a readable format.

PCR detects the presence of viral RNA and the Antigen Lateral flow detects the presence of viral proteins or antigens.

NB: Not all PCR tests are equivalent. The DHSC requirements for Day 2 arrival PCR test are different from other PCR tests such as PCR Fit to Fly. PCR is a methodology that uses assay reagents which can have very different performance characteristics such as sensitivity, specificity or limit of detection. It could target one or multiple genes for example. It might also need different buffer (liquid) used for the sample collection (when customers are swabbed) to ensure that all the tests required by DHSC (such as sequencing for the identification of variants of concern for positive Day 2 samples) can be carried out.

Express Test is a DHSC (Department of Health & Social Care) listed private provider of COVID-19 screening services and part of Cignpost Diagnostics.

Cignpost Diagnostics has been formally assessed by UKAS for ISO15189 for quality of integrity, impartiality and competence; and ISO22870 for Point of Care Testing and has received formal confirmation that all findings have been cleared with a schedule of accreditation issued. We are awaiting the final approval of stage 3 accreditation from UKAS (Ref: 22104). UKAS has confirmed that Cignpost Diagnostics is to remain on the DHSC approved list of providers, can continue to operate and have published our UKAS Schedule.

We comply with all the UK Government regulations with respect to submitting results to the relevant Public Health Authority. You must check with your destination country whether a government listed lab is accepted.

The Fit to Fly certificate provides evidence that you have undertaken COVID-19 testing prior to your journey by plane, ship, car, or train. To get this certificate, you must bring your Passport, National ID or Travel Document to your appointment. If your result is negative for Covid-19 we will email your Fit to Fly certificate with your test result to the email address you have provided us with (or if you have an account, this will be available in your account). Please ensure that your email address is spelled correctly when you register with us.

You must check with your travel provider that they will accept this documentation, before booking a test. Entry requirements for all countries during the COVID-19 pandemic are different and changing constantly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary and correct documentation for your journey before you travel.
ExpressTest do not accept any liability should your travel provider or destination country not accept this document.

For the latest UK Government foreign travel advice please visit their Foreign Travel Advice page.

For the latest UK Government requirements for entering the UK please visit their Entering the UK page.

Can I get an example of the Fit to Fly certificate in advance?
Unfortunately we are not able to share this. However, it will contain the following type of information: personal details, time/date of swabbing/lab testing plus the result.

Do your Fit to Fly certificates have a QR code?

Our Fit to Fly certificates do not contain a QR code. Most countries / travel destinations do not require this but if you have checked the specific requirements for your travel destination and it is required please contact our customer services team by completing the following form 


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