Half of young people ready to travel abroad this Summer new research finds

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Half of young people ready to travel abroad this Summer new research finds

But others remain more “Covid-wary” especially over cost and reliability of testing

Summer getaways could be dominated by 18-34 year olds, according to new research that showed this group to be the most likely to jet away when the Government lifts its
international travel ban on Monday 17th May. Nearly half of 18-34 year olds (48%) intend to go abroad this Summer for holiday or business and almost two thirds (64%) of those traveling have already booked their trip.

The survey of 2,008 adults, conducted by Opinium on behalf of the Cignpost ExpressTest, also identified the four different types of potential travellers:

  • Ready to Pack: This group have already booked their holidays, often a roll-over from 2019. Typically, they are 18-34 year old professional men living in London or with young children.
  • Waiting to Book: This group is keen to travel but is waiting to book once more
    destinations become available to book. Typically, they are 18-34 men living in the
    Midlands with no children.
  • Covid Cautious: probably not intending to go abroad but are still open to it.
    Typically, they are women with no children living in the South outside of London.
  • Staycationers: This group is definitely not going abroad this year either because they are staying at home or going to a UK holiday destination. Typically, they are empty nesters aged over 55 living in the North of England.

The research also found that, even among those intending to travel, many remained worried about going abroad this Summer:

  • The cost of testing was an important concern. The average amount they were willing to pay was £38 per test, with those aged 18-34 willing to pay the most.
  • Other issues raised included whether tests would come back quickly enough (40%), how easy it would be to book a test (27%) and whether their data would be kept safe (18%).
  • When abroad, their primary worries were whether delays in getting a COVID-19 result would affect their departure (39%), the cost of obtaining a test while abroad (37%) and a fear of getting stranded if they tested positive (31%)

Christian Corney, CEO of COVID-19 testing specialist Cignpost ExpressTest said: “It is not surprising that so many people remain cautious about travelling abroad this Summer. COVID19 has had a terrible impact on many peoples’ lives over the past year. We want to make it as easy as possible to book a test and guarantee a result back within 24 hours from any of our 25 testing centres across the country. We hope that will enable as many people as possible to travel abroad safely this summer.”

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