New campaign launches helping Britain go back to work.

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New campaign launches helping Britain go back to work. 

A new nationwide campaign, called Team. Not Teams, has launched encouraging workers to return to offices and get back with their colleagues as Lockdown ends. The mass advertising campaign is designed to encourage Brits to plan to stop working from home and help kickstart the economic recovery. 

The campaign, run by one of the UK’s leading Covid testing advisory firm, Cignpost Diagnostics, will include full-page adverts in the main national newspapers, adverts at key London transport hubs including Waterloo, Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street and adverts targeting business leaders in Edinburgh and Cardiff. The campaign is designed to provide company leaders with a clear plan to help get employees safely back to work and spark the economy back to life. 

The campaign will launch on the first day back at work after Easter and follows latest insight from Retail Experts Springboard, that found footfall has continued to increase week-on-week in the UK’s town and cities.  Since 8th March, when lockdown restrictions were first eased, Central London footfall increased by 14% week on week rising by a further 5.8% and 7.7% in the proceeding weeks. 

Along with the advertising campaign, Cignpost Diagnostics has produced a step-by-step online guide to enable business leaders to create Covid-safe environments for staff on their return. The company has also written to the 100 CEOs of businesses with large numbers of staff working from home along with the major trade unions and Business Ministers. 

Nick Markham, Co-Founder of Cignpost Diagnostics, explained the rationale behind the campaign: 

“With the successful vaccine roll out, many businesses are increasingly keen to bring their staff back to the office. Some need to return just to survive and others understand the impact that Lockdown has had on the mental health of their staff. Many companies are looking for the creativity that only comes from teams working together in the office. That is why we have launched this campaign to help businesses return to the office safely.  We also want to clear up the confusion about the different tests available and how best to create a Covid safe environment in the office.  

“The Government has produced detailed guidance on weddings, funerals and pub openings but little for office-based organisations. Our campaign aims to fill that gap and provide business with what is needed to reassure employees that it is safe to return to the office. 

“Until the threat of Covid-19 has been eliminated completely, the gold standard PCR testing will play a critical part of any back to work programme. This will not only provide employees with the confidence to return to the office but also to be able to work normally again - without social distancing or masks. That is a future every business wants to make happen and Cignpost can help them achieve that.”  

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