Need a little more time?

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Need a little more time?

If you would appreciate a quieter, more peaceful area to be tested in, our Customer Assistance Zone at Heathrow Airport Drive through is perfect for you.

This facility boasts gentle lighting, reduced noise, and fewer visual stimulants, with space for up to five people and an extra wide booth for wheelchair access. We have dedicated specially-trained staff on hand, and you can take your time and have the space you need to get your test done in as stress-free a way as possible.

This area forms part of ExpressTest’s commitment to support the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme and ensure our COVID-19 testing experience is accessible to all. The scheme assists people with hidden disabilities such as autism, chronic pain, dementia, and sight or hearing loss.

The Customer Assistance Zone is also part of an ongoing expansion of ExpressTest’s services. In time, we are planning to roll these out in other test locations too.

We’re already making adjustments to make our existing test centres more accessible – some of our sites are equipped with wheelchair ramps, hearing loops and extra seating in queue areas for those who may not be able to stand for a prolonged amount of time. Additionally, lip-read face masks are available at all locations as an assist for lip-readers.

We are aiming to increase inclusivity in all of our test centres, with multi-lingual staff with identifiable name badges, toilets with breastfeeding areas and sign language video material to explain our testing process.

If you would like to benefit from the dedicated space at Heathrow Drive Through, please ask our staff when you arrive or contact us beforehand if you have questions about the facilities we have.