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Taking the Test Picture on an Android Device


You will now see the image from your camera, overlaid by a guide. Align the test QR code and result window in the guide.

Picture Quality

Ensure a high-quality image of your test cassette by following this guidance:

  • Ensure that you have plenty of light. 
  • Place the cassette on a plain background (but not white as it clashes with the white cassette).
  • Ensure the cassette is positioned the correct way, with the QR code at the top of the photo.
  • Use the guide to align the photo.

Once the image is correctly aligned, take a picture of the cassette and then, when prompted afterwards, a picture of your passport. You will be shown a Pending screen that the operation was successful.  

Please note that the photograph of the cassette will validate the QR code of the cassette and if not in the correct place or a different cassette is used, you will be prompted to retake the two photographs.